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November 2009:

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January 2009: of 2008:

My Tenth Month: Ninth Month: Eighth Month: Seventh Month: Sixth Month: Fifth Month: Fourth Month: Third Month: 1 and 2 Delivery at Prentice


3 responses to “Photo Albums

  1. Laurie Pattington says:

    Wow! You are amazing. Blogging before you can read. Who knew?

    I don’t actually know what to say. She is gorgeous, you’re both fabulous. All things you know. But, I am in love with your blog and your little girl. Congratulations!


  2. Sue Jessup says:

    Love the updates! Just realized (I’ve been gone for several long/family need trips) that I mailed some stylish shoes right after she was born. Now I wonder if they reached the right Chicago address. Let me know–I may have sent them to another street #???
    Sue Jessup

  3. pjivfo says:

    ta7IDr racupgftpcox, [url=]iaikbkggkwsw[/url], [link=]kjvmizpjsvtw[/link],

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